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Try an American breakfast from the country that invented fast food

Burger? Hot Dogs? Sanwiches? When people think of fast food, they often think of an American food menu. And with good reason, as fast food was arguably invented in America. From hamburgers to fries, and from sides of slaw to the stacks of pancakes that make up a delicious American breakfast, there are plenty of wonderful options when it comes to enjoying fast food from the US. Why not browse the American breakfast, lunch and dinner menus at your local restaurants today in fact, via our website? Then you can treat yourself to a delectable delivery makanan. Ordering from foodpanda is so quick and easy. You just have to let us know what it is that you want to eat and where you are, and we will do the rest. Have fun mixing and matching different American starters, sides, and main courses, and make sure to leave room for desserts of course. American food is a wonderful choice for any time of day, so why not make your next meal an American takeaway?

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When is a good time for an American breakfast or other US takeaway?

An American breakfast takeaway is the perfect thing to do when you are lounging around in bed at the weekend and just want a filling and delicious brunch. Browse our American food menu to help you to cater for your kids' birthday parties, to treat your housemates at the end of the working week, or to celebrate an anniversary by candlelight with your partner. You can be as creative as you want when it comes to mixing and matching different American dishes. At foodpanda, we are committed to bringing you the best American good experience, so we make sure to search your local area high and low to find the restaurants with the best American food menus. We are always on the look out for new places to eat American food, and for new deals and offers on an American breakfast, lunch, snack, or evening meal. So, make sure to check our site regularly to see what is new. US food is so varied, that you could order from our American menus every week and yet still find something different to try every time whether that is a new dish or new starter and main combo.